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Warehousing Inventory Tracker
Warehousing Inventory Tracker

Do you need a seamless supply of fasteners or custom kits for an upcoming assembly project? Do you want some insight into the technical design details of your fastener or does it have special manufacturing or finishing requirements? As a value-added supplier, we are positioned to assist you in many ways.

Managing a supply of thousands of small items is no easy task. With our inventory management program, we ensure your stock is replenished at the correct levels to keep production flowing. To streamline your assembly operations, we also offer a variety of service models and packaging options for supplying fastener kits. With all assembly hardware in one neat package, you can be confident that your products are assembled with the correct hardware.

We have a reputation for problem-solving. Our technical staff can help you zero in on the best fastener choice as well as assist you with design issues. With our customization capabilities, we can supply your hardware with custom finishes, thread lockers, or lubricants.

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