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Solar Products

Solar Bracket Collection
Solar Bracket Collection

"Fastener Technology Inc. is the largest hardware solar supplier in North America."

With our comprehensive line of anti-corrosion hardware, we bring both simplicity and bankability to your Solar rooftop or ground-mount installations. We offer everything you need, including Mid and End Clips, Custom Metal Stamped brackets, Racking support straps, Plastic Injection Molding Spacers, and many more. Our products are engineered and can be pre-kitted to enable quick completion of residential, commercial, or utility scale projects.

You can also take advantage of our inventory management program to ensure individual hardware items and pre-packaged kits are always in stock and available to meet your solar projects lead time. Your project will be in good hands considering our staff has over 20 years of experience in the Solar Industry. We have handled everything from racking designs, live load testing, sales, logistics, product procurement, engineering and many more.

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