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Washers Collection
Washers Collection

Used to distribute the load of a bolt or screw over a larger area, washers are an essential element in many fastening applications and come in many configurations. In addition to conventional flat washers, specialty washers exist to prevent nuts and bolts from loosening under heavy vibration. Washers can also be used to insulate steel screws from aluminum surfaces, dampen vibration, serve as a spacer, and a host of other applications.

Split lock washer configurations and washers with internal or external teeth specifically inhibit the rotation of nuts, bolts, or other threaded hardware. When dealing with softer materials, fender washers, which have a larger than normal diameter, help distribute loads even further. We also supply specialty washers to be used under a screw head to provide a more finished appearance on your product. Whatever the application, we offer a wide selection of fine quality washers to fit your needs.

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